How to make the Boards viewable for non-licensed member of my company with email

  • 10 March 2023
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Hi Team,

We’ve this fair bit of security concern where we’re trying to make our boards accessible (at least, view rights) to internal email addresses that do not have enterprise license like myself, however, we can’t do that in a continuous/regular fashion as each board has to be made accessible individually to 10s and 20s and sometimes 100s of different email addresses numerous times in a week (for different agile teams). This is extremely tedious and hampers the velocity with how we work in agile fashion.

As a workaround, we tried following:

  1. Attempted adding the internal non-licensed emails to our various teams, however, that is not permitted stating that the “User is not part of your organization”.
  2. Tried opening up the second option “Anyone with the link at Company”. However, the non-licensed internal members are still unable to view/read the boards by virtue of this setting.

As a result, a lot of the individuals choose the path of making the board public (Anyone with the access to link). This alarms a security concern as we don’t want our internal boards to be made public. 

I do understand that Miro may not want to open up their business model for non-licensed members, however, given the security risk there has to be a better way to be able to share the boards with say something like a ‘non-licensed internal team’ since you permit the boards to be shared individually anyway.

Please let us know what you think.

2 replies

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Hi @Brigadier 

Thank you for addressing your question!


If I understood you correctly, you wish for a functionality of creating a special team within an Enterprise account consisting of external users that are not considered members of the organisation, or Guests.


Unfortunately, this is indeed not possible at the moment as all Enterprise team memberships imply being members of the organisation as a whole - otherwise, this would undermine the existing logic of how memberships wok in Miro. 


There are two workarounds I can propose to improve the current situation for your case:


  1. Create a separate team for users that are now Guests and grant them Free Restricted license - they will be members of this team only and will grant access to all Company-shared boards;
  2. Apply the public sharing method you’ve mentioned, but with an additional security measure of board password protection - you can find details for this in the Password protection for public boards article

Hi Andrew, thank you for the very helpful insights.

While we are aware of the 2nd setting (password protecting Miro boards), could you advise more on the 1st setting?

  • How do we enable the first setting?
  • Once a team of Guests is created, what are the appropriate steps to grant that team access to Company-wide shared boards?
  • What would be the impact of granting free restricted license on our cost center? Not that we are attempting to avert the cost but knowing whether we will charged for this will help us plan better. Because, if this results in a charge, we can consider procuring the license directly than creating a team of Guest accounts.