how to draw a line without connecting to other objects


how can i draw lines (and curves) without connecting to other objects. So like a shape.

regards Jan

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Hi @Polleke 

I do this all the time. One approach is to use the pen tool, which gives you “full squiggliness” freedom and your line will not snap/lock to any objects.

Another approach is just to select the “Line Connection” tool - or just press the keyboard shortcut L. Note there is an important trick when doing this, namely, if you want your line to cross over into another shape without snapping/locking onto that shape, just keep the COMMAND button (on a Mac, I assume it is probably CONTROL on a PC) held down while you are dragging one of the endpoints.

Good luck! Ken

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Thanks @Kenneth Ritley for the tips! Appreciate it!

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@Polleke - One more tip when working with lines: If you are using a straight line and want it to be vertically or horizontally straight, i.e., 0 or 180 degrees, hold the Shift key while you drag (it will actually jump between 45 degree axes:


And here’s a GIF I already has to demonstrate what @Kenneth Ritley already suggested around holding Ctrl/Cmd to removing the snap-to-object behaviour:


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