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Our company is going to be changing domain names.  This means that my old email address of will be changing to  Currently we log into Miro using Google Login.  How do I change my login from my old email address, to my new email address, and still use Google Login?  I would like to preserve our team, and the content that I have created, if possible.

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Hi @Ben Haynie!

If I'm correct in my understanding and the second domain hasn't been created yet, you should be able to easily change your email in the UI. The steps for this change would be as follows (for you and any other user whose domain is going to be changed):

  1. Make sure you know your Miro password (if you created your Miro profile via Google Sign-In and don't have a password, you need to set one using the password reset flow);
  2. Wait until the domain is changed - a new inbox needs to be created in order to receive the confirmation email for the change;
  3. Log in to your Miro profile with your current credentials (email with the old domain and password) and change the email using this flow;
  4. Go to Profile setting > Integrations to disconnect the old Google account from your Miro profile and connect the new Google account:

One complication could be if a user has accidentally created a new Miro profile with their new-domain email address and therefore has 2 profiles. In this case, before the email change, they will first need to log in to the new profile and:
a) delete it, or
b) if they have created new content under their new-domain profile, they first need to move the boards from the new-domain profile to the old-domain profile and then delete the new profile - this way the boards will be consolidated under the old-domain profile.

Hope this helps! Let me know if you have any questions. 🙂

This is great, thank you!
As a follow up question, if we are utilizing the Google Login right now, I understand that we need to switch to a Username/Password using the password reset flow (mentioned in your post).  Once we change the email, would we be able to go back to the Google Login flow, so that if we change the password on Google we don’t have to enter a different password on Miro?

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Yes, @Ben Haynie, this is possible!

In step 4, I mentioned that you can go to Profile settings (by clicking your profile picture in the top right corner) > Integrations > click Connect to attach your new Google account:

Once you do this, you will be able to sign in with both your login and password:

and via Google-Sign-In as you previously did:

Hope this answers your question!

Ah, sorry I missed this - this is perfect.  Thank you!