How should I cite Miro Software?

  • 26 July 2021
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Dear Miro-community,

I currently write my Master’s thesis and use Miro for visualisations/ mind mapping.

How should I cite Miro?

Also curious if other researchers are using Miro for team work and visualisations?



6 replies

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@Adina Ludwig -

According to this website (, you’d use the format: Lastname, F. M. or Name of Group. (Year). Title of software (Version No.). Publisher. URL

Here’s the example they provided: Maplesoft. (2019). Maple companion (Version 2.1.0). Cybernet Systems Co.


Thanks a lot!

Would this then be how you’d cite it at present? I’m unclear on version histories and who the publisher would be.

Miro©. (2022). Miro Board. Miro Enterprise.  

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Hi @Britny Brown,

Alyona from Miro Support is here for a moment 👋

In case you'd like to cite our blog posts or some other text we published or use visual materials exported from Miro in your publication, the materials should be shared with and approved by our Head of Communications. I'll share the email to which the materials need to be sent in DM. 

Hi Altona, can you please provide more information regarding the policy and process for citing MIRO in academic works. Many Thanks Therese

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Hi Therese,

The process didn't change since my last reply, so the materials should still be shared with and approved by our Head of Communications before citing. I've sent you a DM with the email to which they need to be sent. Hope this helps 🙂