Filter function to show/hide specific objects?

  • 28 January 2022
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Hello everyone!


I have a short question:

Our team would really love to have a function which makes it that Board-Users/Viewers can filter what elements they see, e.g. sort of a slider to show connection arrows of only one color (and hide the others) or some MC-boxes to tick so that Users can select if they want to see all frames or just a selection of them.

Especially for big and complicated boards with a lot of information I think it would be nice to “filter” the information and the objects that are shown on the board.


If there already is a similar function or anyone has an idea of how to realize this, please contact me! 


Thank you for your help and ideas!

2 replies

Hi Dominik,


Currently Miro has made it possible to filter the search results on the board. You can look up all the stickies with one particular tag or search among text notes only. In case you need to move, group or edit the objects, you may select all of them with one click or select only a part of them while holding Shift. Below link has more information on how to use filter on the board:

Zinnia, unfortunately your answer misses the concept which was requested. As I also would appreciate such a feature, I will provide another example for Miro’s consideration.

Imagine a board where project planning is underway. It may be desirable for a team to be able to add certain objects to a visibility group, to turn them on or off through some kind of simple control switchboard, ideally an object itself in the board which can be placed by the user wherever they want in relationship to objects it controls.

When working on the plan with the various teams, they could hide all the aspects that are not relevant for their subteam. When showing the plan to stakeholders, all the lower-level tasks and non-critical dependency lines could be hidden, so just the big important milestones and activities remain.

Such a feature could also be used for preparing a board, in a way like using animation to slowly introduce information in a complex slide deck, where the board leader isn’t limited to always moving around the board in order to display/add more for the participants to interact with.

Ideally an object could be a member of multiple visibility groups, but I imagine for basic users one per object would be enough.