Disappeared controls

  • 22 June 2022
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Hello - I am a “free” board owner.  Until about a week ago everything was fine. Then the controls disappeared. Yes, I have followed all the suggestions from others (including incognito, alternative browser etc) and still there are no controls.  This board has been shared with a colleague who does have full control.

I have been considering upgrading to the paid version but from this experience am more than a little concerned about the stability of Miro.

Looking forward to some additional suggestions to help ease back my high grump index.

5 replies

I’d certainly welcome any suggestions as to how this problem may be addressed.

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@JohnK - Did your board look like this?

Source: This post.

If so, the issue should have been resolved.

If that was not your issue, a screenshot of what you are seeing may help.

Thanks for getting back Robert --- the screen is like this:

The down chevron simply move the controls down a smidgeon and top chevrons appear -- click that and the left margin goes up again.



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@JohnK - Thanks for sharing - that helps.

This is likely due to either a really small physical display (e.g., a small monitor or laptop screen) or your displays resolution is too low (or your browser window is not maximized).

See this post for an example of how not all app/tools will display when your displayable space is small:


You nailed it Robert --- it was a matter of maximizing the browser’s window.

Many thanks for your assistance for resolving this tricky and irritating problem.

May the force be with you.