Create frame key command

  • 13 May 2021
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Is there a key command for creating frames? Or selecting multiple items and then creating individual frames from them?

3 replies

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@Shawn Walsh - Ah, yes. I see that the right-click Create frame doesn’t create individual frames rather one around all selected objects.

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Thanks Robert. This shortcuts sheet is great. This suggestion is not quite the workflow I'm looking for. This will create a single frame of the multiple selected objects. what im looking to do is either:


  1. select multiple items and create individual frames for each 
  2. key command for quickly converting a selected item to a frame instead of selecting and right clicking
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@Shawn Walsh - There are quite a few shortcuts and hotkeys in Miro.

The F hotkey will go into Frame mode and a Shift + drag will allow you to multi-select (or Ctrl/Cmd+click) and then use F again to create a frame around those objects:


See all shortcuts and hotkeys in the following Help Center article → Shortcuts and Hotkeys