Copy/Paste Org Chart

  • 15 June 2021
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Hi Folks


I spent some time putting together an organizational chart / stakeholder map. I now want to copy the entire board out of Miro and include in my PowerPoint presentation.

Is this possible? I have the free version if that is useful.


2 replies

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@Andrew Koonmen - You could put frames around the charts, mind maps, etc. and then:

  1. export the fames as images*
  2. export the entire board as PDF*
  3. Just take screenshots of the Miro board and copy-and-paste them into PowerPoint.

*Being on the Free Plan, you will be limited to a lower quality export, therefore screenshots may be better, depending on the overall size of your charts/maps.

If you can take a picture of post-it notes and OCR their content, can you modify an outside org chart into Miro (not a pdf or jpg)?  If so, can you do the same with flowcharts?  I have very complex flowcharts to depict our sales effort from womb to tomb.  Like the post-its, can one import a foreign flowchart and recognize it in Miro, so that it can be modified?