[Bug] Miro board loading endlessly on multiple browsers and devices

  • 17 September 2023
  • 3 replies

I have been documenting in a Miro board for my research. I made a frame to some of the pictures & texts in the board and duplicated the frame. Suddenly a prompt showed up saying “syncing…please wait”. I waited for a few minutes until the prompt asked me to reload. I clicked on the reload button and the board started to load endlessly. I tried opening the board in multiple browsers and modes (including incognito), as well as in the Miro app on my iPad. None of these worked. I have shared the board to the Miro Support Team. Could you please resolve this issue?

3 replies

The issue has been resolved… I did nothing to fix it but waiting for a couple of hours. I guess the server was overloaded by the duplication action and needed some time to respond.

The problem has been solved. I did nothing but wait for a few of hours to solve it. doodle jump

Several users have reported encountering a [Bug] where Miro boards load endlessly on various browsers and devices. This frustrating issue manifests as an infinite loading loop MC Height, preventing users from accessing their boards and collaborating effectively. Despite attempts to refresh the page or switch browsers, the problem persists, significantly impeding productivity and workflow efficiency. The root cause of this persistent loading issue remains unclear, leaving users perplexed and seeking solutions to resolve the issue promptly.