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  • 4 January 2021
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I installed the Azure Cards app - I was able to import stories directly from Azure Dev Ops, however, the options to set them a certain color or to tag them are ‘greyed out’.  How do I fix that?  Also, why don’t the story points come over in the import?  thanks

3 replies

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Hey @Matthew Ingram,


I’m Anton, Integrations Product Manager at Miro.

Thank you for the feedback. 

At this time, we do not support color changes for cards imported from task trackers. Card colors are defined by issue type in the task tracker so that users can identify the card type more quickly.

We have these ideas (both color changes and tag assignment) on our list of possible improvements but require further evaluation on our part.




@Anton Kuksin - thanks - the real deficiency in imports from Azure is that the story points don’t come over.  Having a card with no points is pardon the pun - pointless.  We can’t plan if it doesn’t have points. This is true for sprint planning and Big Room Planning (PI Planning in SAFE).  Likewise as we cannot convert imported cards to sticky notes it become very tedious to attach text and ‘group’ that text to include story points. Any time savings we get from importing the card is undone by manually having to attach points to the cards.

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@Matthew Ingram – That totally makes sense, and this refinement is definitely one of the first in line for Azure Cards.
No specific timeline yet, but it is one of the most frequent requests.