Adobe XD refresh artboard button incorrect behavior

  • 23 July 2021
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Problem (critical): The refresh artboard button is not working as expected.

Try the following:

1- Link an XD file to your Miro Board

2- Insert 2 different artboard (in the video I did it twice… sorry about that)

3- You have now 2 different artboards inside your Miro board. 

4- Go to one of them and ask them to replace image - I replace the BLUE with the Red.

  → Expected outcome: Both images are now linked to the "RED" artboard.

5- Go to XD and make any change - In the video I changed the RED and I put a white triangle (the problem manifest even if you don’t change the XD file)

6- Update - Nothing happens.

7- Refresh both RED artboard in Miro

 → Expected outcome: Both will show the new version of the RED with the white triangle


PROBLEM: The old BLUE that I replaced with the RED reverts to the original BLUE. If I made any replacement like this across many other XD links inside the board, they are gone too.

Check the linked video for quick demo.

Any ideas why this happen?

Check the video on this Loom link

1 reply

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Hi Claudio,


Thank you for your detailed report and for the linked video : this is very helpful!

I have opened a support ticket as we are currently investigating the problem and we will get back to you via email as soon as possible.

Thanks for your understanding.